"If you know the enemy and know yourself, you need not fear the result of a hundred battles." - Sun Tzu

Don't lose against your body metabolism!

Care about Health and Want to Change your Lifestyle?

Health is a great concern for most of us. Many of our modern diseases originates from our diet. Many struggle to lose weight, others have medical issues that drugs only help to cover the symptoms.

Maybe you want to stay focused and energized throughout the day?  Fueling your brain with ketones will turbo charge your brain energy, no more need for sugar fixes.

To lose weight or use a ketogenic diet for therapeutic in treatment of type 2 diabetes, epilepsy, cancer etc .. a lifestyle change that gets your body into ketosis might help.


Does Your Changes Work?

So making a lifestyle change like "eating healthy" or "taking a walk"  before breakfast ... does it work?

Sure, eating less carbs will make your body lose water the first week, but are you burning your fat into ketones?


Monitor Your Results

Ketonix® measures your breath for ketones and you will instantly know how much your body use fat as fuel.

An instant response on how your lifestyle changes affects your body's use of fat.

if you use a ketogenic diet for therapeutic use, you get a realtime feedback of your level of ketosis. If you want, your doctor/nutritionist could also see your improvements and coach you when needed. 



Here is information for how to use the Ketonix® Breath Ketone analyzer in a clinical view. Science behind the ketogenic diet and the difference between measuring blood and breath ketones.


This is the place for you who want's to find out more about the ketogenic diet. What it is, how it's working and how to calculate the right mix of macronutrients and more ...


Here you find interviews, instructional and troubleshooting videos.



Changing Your Lifestyle


A solid device that does it's job well

When you have read and understood the instructions, and you understand what you are measuring - which is an important point, then this device is very good. The fact that it is reusable without having to buy test strips or similar, is great as it means you can test every 10 minutes throughout the day if you wish, and it doesn't cost any extra.
Just remember that your acetone results will not always correlate with your B-HOB,***This is not a fault***.

I absolutely love it

I purchased this on Amazon on July 26th of this year. It took me a week or so to understand it's benefits and how to use it effectively. I absolutely love it. It gives me inexpensive, convenient and individual assessment of my lifestyle's (diet, exercise, sleep, etc effect on ketosis. Michel, is always supportive and helpful when I have question. An imperative tool if you are interested in therapeutic or nutritional ketosis.

An excellent device

This is a brilliant device and is really important if you want to get into and stay in nutritional ketosis. I had some connection problems and the device had to be replaced ( no problem).

Why Chose Us?

We use our product!

The founder of Ketonix have epilepsy and needed a tool to manage his ketosis. We who work here use a low-carb diet for health and stay focused, the Ketonix device enables us to tweak our lifestyle and optimize our performance.

Our Support is in Ketosis
Money Back Guarantee


Our mission is to provide a simple, cost effective and painless method to know if your body is in ketosis and the strength of it. With the insight of your level of ketosis you could adjust your actions to increase/maintain your ketosis.

Ketosis is when your insulin levels are low and your liver starts to metabolize fat into ketone energy. When ketones fuel our brain we sense a high mental clarity and energy boost. Without the ability to get into ketosis when glucose and glycogen is low the human man kind would not exist.

Ketosis is not the the same condition as Ketoacidosis. Ketoacidosis is is a complication of type 1 diabetes mellitus. It's a life-threatening condition resulting from dangerously high levels of ketones and blood sugar


Ketonix® analyze your breath for the ketone named Acetone. Acetone is spontaneously released from the liver when ketone energy is formed.

The more fat that is mobilized into energy, the more Acetone in your breath.

Don't mixup breath ketones with blood ketones. Blood ketones are formed from excess ketone energy and could be converted back into energy at any time. In some situations one could say that they correlate, higher breath ketone level and you might find more blood ketones. Then add that your body could have issues both creating them and use them for energy, these factors makes it harder to interpret blood ketones. This is one of the reasons Ketonix® was invented, to indicate the strength of ketosis.

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