How can I measure when authentication fails?

 If you experience that your profile can't authenticate and it's off support hours, do the following until the issue is resolved:
In your profile, erase username and password. This will cause the software to NOT authenticate against our server.
To save your value locally, you must set the "Data file" filename.
Save your profile. Now you should be able to measure without authentication issues.

To view your measures, select your profile then select the menu "View" and "Visualize data ...".

A video of how to use the "Visualize data" software is  in the video "Demo KetonixViewer".
(The Ketonix Viewer is now builtin the software)

How do I get my KETONIX back to normal?

Is it brand new? Has it been unused for a while? Have you changed environment?

Give it some love by powering it on over night. Unplug and let it cool down before you perform the calibration procedure (check in: How to calibrate my KETONIX).
Make sure you have calibrated your KETONIX if it has been traveling or been unused for a while.

There could be moisture in the sensor, to clear this out do the following procedure:

1) Power it on for 30 minutes.
2) Do a couple of hard blow and draws into the mouthpiece
3) Let it be for another 5 minutes
4) unplug and wait a minute
5) plugin and try again.

Both procedures can be repeated a couple of times especially if you have a pre 2015 model and can´t perform the calibration with the software.

First time set up and usage of KETONIX 2015

Download the software from our website, log in and go to your user menu to find the downloads, select the software for your system. Download and then install it.

Before you use it the KETONIX for the first time, we recommend the following procedure:

  1. Power it on over night (more is better).
  2. Unplug it and wait 10 minutes
  3. Start the software
  4. Plugin your device
  5. Wait until the "Initializing ..." message disappears
  6. Do a calibration (File menu, then Calibration...

 You should do the above procedure whenever you have not used your device for some time.

How do I find my stats?

Before measuring, you need to tell the software where to save the data. So you need at least one profile for your self. If you are more than one to use the Ketonix, you should create one profile for each person that use it. When you use it, select your profile and your measures will be yours. To create a profile, click on "Profiles ..." in the "File" menu.

 Tips: Tick the "Remember me" when you login, when you use the software and select "Charts..." you will see your charts directly.

 In the profile dialog you should click on the "+" sign at the bottom left to add a new profile. Name the profile, click "browse" and define a datafile to also save your data locally. Give it the extension name: .csv . There is a checkbox that you can select if you let your measures be used in a community study anonymously. We encourage you to do so, this will help us and you to find out more about breath testing ketones. The data will not be traceable back to you from any analysis done.

 To save your breath ketone level and other data like meals, exercise, body measures, blood values and get them charted at you must provide your username and password for the site. Then click on "Verify" to see that it was entered ok and you have a valid account. If the verification was successful you will see a "User authentication success" message.

How and when do I calibrate my KETONIX?

If your KETONIX® is brand new or have been unused for a while you power it over night before you use it.

If you have a KETONIX® BLUETOOTH® you do not need to calibrate it, this is done automatically, the "power over night" procedure is sufficient.

If you don't have the KETONIX® BLUETOOTH® model read on...

Start the software. The software will display a grey KETONIX. Then plug the KETONIX into your computer.
Software should now display a KETONIX in your color and a message ”Initializing …”.
Wait until the ”Initializing …” message disappears.
Now open the calibration dialog. It is located in the ”File” menu and called ”Calibration …”.

 When the dialog opens, click on the ”Start” button.
Now let it calibrate. This takes some time. When calibration is finished, the dialog will close itself.
The value should now be close to zero when the calibration is done.

How do you explain high values from people eating loads of carbs?

When you received your Ketonix, you are likely to test it all the time. When doing so, a normal reaction from others is to have a go at it to see if they just happen to burn a lot of fat (even if they don't use a low carb hi fat diet).

Eating carbohydrate rich food and looking for ketones does not make sense. The body does not produce that much ketones while there is available carbohydrates, unless you have diabetes type 1 and have very high blood sugar values.

The reading may be high on high carber's, but that is not from ketones. It will be from the process of breaking down those carbohydrates. This process is done via bacteria in your gut. To much of this bacteria could cause a slowdown of your metabolism. There are studies that connects the bacteria to obesity and other issues.

So, use it in context. Example: If you eat pizza and beer then look for ketones ... you are out of context.

How do I verify my account?

Make sure you go to: and log in. Use the same username and password for your profile set up. If you did not click on the activate link in the mail that was sent out to you when you first created an account with us you might not be up and running. 

Reset password and make sure the system remembers the new password. Don't use any special characters only numbers and letters. If all fails, email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with your login details and we will help you out!

How to track my order

We ship on Mondays and Thursdays. We ship with DHL and as soon as they have your parcel in their hands an email will be sent to you with a tracking code.

To minimize time spent on tracking your parcel and more time spent on finding great articles and help with the usage questions we ask of you to use DHL´s tracking system and their excellent customer support in first hand: . Thank you

How do I get the software to work?

The software is only compatible with the KETONIX 2015 Red/Blue (released 3/3 2015).
If you want to upgrade your older version check in: How do I get an upgrade?  

You have a 2015 KETONIX but the device is seen as grey on the screen.

Do you run your software on a Mac or Windows?

We have a USB check to run here: WindowsUSB.pdf and USB Mac.pdf

  • Do you have some other software that can be interfering? Like a Fitbit or other USB run software.
  • Do you have the latest software downloaded?
  • Is your System software updated?
  • Is Java updated? Check in your settings for Java, make sure you have the most updated version. If you don´t have Java, download for Mac or Windows.
  • What does your firewall do to our software? 

 Try to temporarily turn off the firewall, then check then turn back on and allow the KETONIX to run in your security settings. Don’t forget to restart your computer to see if it reads the fixes you have tried. Common firewall issues are either the software is not allowed to run or the firewall does not allow the software to communicate to internet.

How do I get the software?

1) Go to our website: and log in (if you haven't already)

2) A new tab in the main menu called: My Menu has now materialized. In this user menu select Downloads and you have the option to download the manual and software.


The software requires Java to run. If you don´t have Java(check in your settings) you need to download Java for Mac or Windows.


Make sure you select the latest most updated version of the software for your

system. We work hard to keep up with Windows and Mac updates. Sometimes we 

have fixes for you to try that we post on our website and on our Facebook page.

Hit like on our FB page to keep up to date.

How to get the initialization to go quicker.

First time you use the KETONIX, the sensor needs ”power” for some time. It will eventually initialize, just give it time. If you use it on a regular basis every day the initialization time will decrease. We recommend that you power it on over night when you receive it or have not used it for a while. Then make a calibration. When the calibration is done, it will decrease initialization time too.

How to use my Ketonix

Use the Ketonix as a compass to navigate to a lifestyle that achieves ketosis in a way that you can manage. By measuring often and observing what and how lifestyle affects your ketosis you learn what food, fasting and activity works for you. The Ketonix reading is highly dependent on your ability to perform a measure, e.g get the last air out of your lungs (highest concentration is in the bottom of the lungs). The reading is yours and personal. The important thing is the trend of your readings with regard to lifestyle actions. Changing the Ketogenic ratio of your food, different intensity when exercising and fasting will work differently for everyone. Ketonix is designed to give you feedback and empower you to create a ”lifestyle that works for you”.

The numbers of your Ketonix is a sensor relative value where 40-70 (in general) are like "nutritional ketosis". 

If you go to settings you can set your Ketonix to the values that work for you. Everyone is different and use the breath analyzer for different purposes. 

How do I get the best test result?

To get consistent readings it is very important to follow the same procedure each time.

You want the contents of your lungs to be exposed to the KETONIX, not air just halfway down your lungs. When exhaling into the mouthpiece, the exhale should be at least 15 seconds, and it should be the last air in your lungs. Do not make a deep inhale before the exhale. A good test is when your exhale 15 seconds or more and there is no more air possible to exhale. Both humidity and temperature can affect the readings. Taking a bunch of measures after one another might cause the readings to jump up a level if the concentration is on the borderline between two ranges. If making a multiple test, let it cool down unplugged between the tests.

The ability to ”get the last air out of the lungs” (which have the highest concentration) is different for everybody. It is therefore not meaningful to compare two persons readings. The reading is personal and should be used as an indicator of how lifestyle affects the ketosis.

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