How to interpret the values (in the Ketonix App).

Here is a description of how values could be interpreted by a healthy normal person.

If you get values in the green range, you are in nutritional ketosis. This means you eat low carb and use fat as fuel (for some this nutritional ketosis also cause weight loss). This range indicates maintenance ketogenic lifestyle.

Values in the yellow range commonly is associated with caloric deficit combined with a ketogenic diet. The caloric deficit could be caused by exercise or intermittent fasting (or a combination thereof). Having values in this range (or above) is likely causing weight-loss. Getting into this range normally requires you to lower your glycogen stores. Depending on your tool to do this (exercise or fasting or both) and your current glycogen storage, it could take more or less time. 

Values in the red range (and above) indicates very high ketosis. People without diabetes or other metabolic disease will reach this range occasionally. If you have diabetes of any type, you should definitely check your blood glucose. People having diabetes should regularly check their blood sugar.


Below is a chart with common ranges for breath ketones:





How does blood ketones correlate with breath ketones?

Higher breath ketones also increase blood ketones. However the blood ketones can be used by your brain and muscles at any time when needed.

Breath ketones are not buffered and not used for energy.


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