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Release notes for Mobile App version 1.0.19 and Desktop App version 2.5.3 click here

A few things we want to point out:

  • The Ketonix® Bluetooth® have automatic calibration (new hardware & software does that for you). This is why there is no settings in the app.

  • The Ketonix® Bluetooth® only have one led to indicate it is initializing (blinking), is ready (steady light) or connecting (few blinks).

  • The Ketonix® Bluetooth® is a Bluetooth® Smart device. You do not need to pair it before using the app.

    Just start the app, keep the device close and select it.

  • Currently the software support to connect to the device is limited to Mac, iOS and Android. Windows support is limited.

Update: The Ketonix® software version 2.5.0 have a BETA implementation of Bluetooth® connection.

This software does only work for macOS and Windows 7 and later versions.

Notes for Windows:

NB: To access Ketonix® Bluetooth® devices from Windows you need to replace the driver for your Bluetooth device on your Windows computer
This might break connections to other Bluetooth® devices you use with your Windows computer.

Be sure to take a backup of your machine before changing any drivers. Ketonix AB will not take any responsibility whatever when you alter your drivers in your computer. You are warned. If it does not work as you expected, you might need to recover your machine using a backup. 
We can not help you with restoring your computer from a backup, so contact your IT support for doing this. It should be sufficient to just remove the device driver and let your OS find an appropriate driver to get things back again, but that is just how I think it should work ...

So, to use your Ketonix® Bluetooth® device with a Windows machine, you need to use a tool called "Zadig" that replace the device driver for your Bluetooth® module in your machine. 

Instructions of how to do that are found at the URL:

The Zadig tool can be downloaded from

Be patient when starting the software, on the Windows platform it takes a while to start the software.


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